Weekly bin collections amongst important considerations when house-hunting


Weekly bin collections, solar panels and a satellite TV connection are amongst the most desirable 'extras' wanted by those looking for a new home, according to a new survey.

Those questioned for a poll by ING Direct also listed walk-in wardrobes, greenhouses and good 3G signal as features of a home which could encourage them to move in.

Telegraph.co.uk reports that solar panels were the most desirable non-essential item amongst the survey respondents, with four out of ten admitting that this could tip the balance if they struggling to choose between two homes. Meanwhile, one third of respondents claimed that a weekly bin collection would be a key selling point for them.

The poll may have questioned 1,000 would-be homeowners but these selling points would arguably apply to the thousands of Brits hunting for rental properties as well.

Anyone looking to advertise property online should make sure to highlight these extras in order to help their home stand out from the competition.

A recent feature written by experts at moneysupermarket.com has also highlighted the importance of maintaining a garden in order to attract potential buyers or tenants.

The article, published by thisistotalessex.co.uk, explained: "You want them to walk up the drive or path already feeling impressed and excited to see more." 

Author: Properties ABC