Third of people snoop at others' property online


A third of the nation has admitted to snooping on another person's property online, according to a new poll.
Taking advantage of online estate agents has enabled nearly everyone in the nation to see just what next door's interiors look like; whether that be their curtains, lavish television or bedroom. reports that many 'curtain twitchers' are even mesmerised by simply knowing how much a neighbouring property is worth.
Furthermore, while it might have been safe to assume that the days of peeking over fences and through windows when the neighbours are out is over,'s research tells a different story.
One in ten in fact admitted to peering though a window to catch a glimpse of what happens behind closed doors, while three per cent revealed they'd blagged an invitation to a neighbours just to have a nose around. Six per cent of people meanwhile said they had a look when they are left in charge of house-sitting.
"This research confirms we are a nation of nosey neighbours, but this is actually a good thing," said Samantha Baden of on "There's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from neighbouring homes."
Three per cent of people said that they would renovate their home based on seeing what a neighbour had done, while six per cent said they'd decorate if it matched or increased the value of their property to their neighbours.

Author: Properties ABC