Majority of landlords considering Green Deal


More than half of private landlords are mulling over the government's Green Deal, according to a recent survey.

Under the Green Deal headline, the government has agreed to front the cost of Green changes made to privately owned properties. The amount is paid back through the savings made on utility costs after the measures have been implemented.  

Awareness of the advantages is high, as out of the 546 landlords polled by the National Landlords Association (NLA), 63 per cent said they had heard of the initiative.

In addition, according to, 56 per cent of landlords polled said they were considering taking advantage of the government's scheme. This number could increase further in the coming years, given that properties with an Energy Performance Rating of F to G (the lowest two gradings) after 2018 will be deemed unfit to let.    

These figures indicate that the efforts of local MPs and county councils to spread the word aren't going to waste, but the government's decision to list details of potential Green savings on the standard Energy Performance Certificate may have also played a part.

Talking to, NLA chairman David Salusbury chose to highlight that a fair amount of landlords that remain untouched in his post-survey comments, before encouraging property owners to get acquainted with the Deal.

He added: "The Green Deal is their opportunity to improve the quality of their properties and demonstrate their ability to engage with government initiatives without the burden of further regulation.

"If landlords don't act now, they may find their property cannot be legally let come 2018."

Author: Properties ABC