Landlords warned against forcing energy suppliers on their tenants


Private landlords have been warned against forcing a particular energy supplier on their tenants.

Representatives from energy comparison website have issued the warning after conducting a poll which showed that 10 per cent of tenants are being prevented from changing supplier, despite this being against the law.

According to, seven per cent of tenants have been verbally instructed not to change suppliers by their landlord, whilst three per cent claimed that this was written in their tenancy agreement.

These figures suggest that many landlords could benefit from investing in a professionally-drafted tenancy agreement template to avoid being in breach of the law.

Reacting to the results of the poll, Uswitch's director of consumer policy, Ann Robinson, encouraged tenants in this situation to speak with their landlords and reach an agreement.

She said: "With more and more people renting, it's vital that people don't feel that being a tenant means relinquishing the right to control their household bills. The fact is that if your name is one the bill you have the right to shop around for a better energy deal.

"At the end of the day it is in both parties' interests for rented homes to be on a cost-effective tariff and as energy-efficient as possible."

Tenants were advised to make landlords aware of any changes to energy suppliers, if it requested on the tenancy agreement that they do so.

Author: Properties ABC