House explodes after couple hire unqualified gas engineer


Four houses were damaged and a couple were left nursing serious burns after their gas cooker exploded, a court has heard.

John and Emily Reid hired an unqualified joiner to install a new cooker in their kitchen and paid the price when the explosion caused £580,000 worth of damage to four houses on their street. Three of these houses were so badly damaged that they had to be demolished and completely rebuilt.  

The tale highlights the importance of hiring a registered engineer to check all gas appliances in a house. It is a legal requirement for those letting out a home to do this at least once a year and display the resulting gas safety certificate to their tenants. report that the self-employer joiner Alex Irvine was sentenced to complete 300 hours worth of community service for breaking gas safety regulations.

In an interview with, health and safety executive Russell Berry poured scorn on Mr Irvine for agreeing to install the cooker.

He said: "In a carrying out this work while not registered and competent to do so, Mr Irvine put those living in this property and those nearby at risk. Thankfully Mr and Mrs Reid escaped with their lives, but were badly injured and four properties seriously damaged as a result of the explosion."

Author: Properties ABC