Green Deal to show landlords are capable of self-regulation


The National Landlords Association has called on landlords to use the new Green Deal regulations to prove they are able to self regulate, reports.

With tenant demand reaching unprecedented heights, calls have been made for the government to introduce legislation to bring the same level of regulation the lettings market as what is currently seen in the sales sector.

The NLA, meanwhile, has said that the Green Deal offers landlords the chance to show they are able to self-regulate and do not need sweeping regulations to do their work properly.

As part of the Green Deal, landlords need to provide prospective tenants with an energy performance certificate (EPC) much sooner than they once had to. Furthermore, any properties scoring lower than an E rating on their EPC certificate would not be allowed to be let out until improvement work had been completed as of 2018.

Many landlords have already taken action to improve the energy rating of their properties, with the NLA claiming over 50 per cent had made improvements recently, whilst one in ten did so on five or more properties.

Speaking to of the funding which will not be made available to landlords until 2013, a NLA spokesperson explained: "There are literally millions left in these pots so we are encouraging landlords to make use of that in the interim before Green Deal funding becomes available. We think Green Deal is a great chance to prove they [landlords] can self-regulate, or it will be imposed upon them."

Author: Properties ABC