Complaints about rental deposits up 80 per cent in two years


Complaints from tenants surrounding their rental deposit are on the rise, according to Shelter.
The housing charity has announced that they have experienced an 80 per cent rise in complaints about the return or the protection of a deposit in the last two years.
These results show that landlords and letting agents are less likely to get away with attempting to holding on to a tenant's deposit for no reason. According to, those providing landlord services could be fined up to three times the value of a deposit if they fail to use an official deposit protection scheme. 
Nevertheless, Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb agreed that this remained a problem which needed stamping out.
In an interview with, he said: "It is extremely worrying that we have seen such a huge rise in problems with tenancy deposits at a time when privately renting is no longer just a stepping stone to something better but a long-term reality for more and more families.
"While we know that most landlords do the right thing, some cause absolute misery for their tenants, accusing them of owing thousands of pounds for damage that doesn't exist or falsely claiming to have protected their deposit and then never returning it."

Author: Properties ABC